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Information Technology

Information Technology

We’re gurus. No question about it.

A server crash sometimes means employees will be bored doing no work! Not anymore. With our business continuity solutions, we virtualize any server that fails and replicate it by the time it is repaired or replaced. You will never have a downtime of more than 15 minutes.

Your IT maintenance costs you? You have to worry about cooling, space, and power?

We can migrate you to the cloud and you will reduce your cost of data maintenance, you will have your data available offsite without VPN, and you will increase collaboration within your team.

Nonprofit Consulting

Nonprofit Consulting

You have no idea how much we love philanthropy and public service!

Binoculars are better than glasses for far sight.
An NGO is not a grocery store. A successful NGO has a vision and strategic goals that it converts to activities and projects.
We can help you articulate your strategy, and provide you the knowledge and technical tools to measure and monitor the performance of your team vis-à-vis the strategy. Those are your binoculars.

We provide a full spectrum of marketing services for you to reach your prospects more efficiently. Our services include design and printing of flyers, brochures, banners, business cards, mugs etc…

Translation Services

Translation Services

We provide translation, video subtitling, and video dubbing from and to the following languages: Arabic, French, and English.


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